Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some more Trail of Lights 5K race pics

Greg, attired in Santa hat, snuffing up some well-deserved Zen food. Adam, to the right is giving us his official offer of commitment.

Adam and Carlos, cooking like crazy, simple wok-style. I could eat some of it now!

From left to right; Chris, Katie, Lizzie, In the back to the left; James and Drew. You might not be able to tell from Drew, but they were ALL very happy to be done!

Christi and Chris, fianceed to be married in '08. Since they came as a pair, the Club Chronicle ended up consisting of 11 instead of 10.

Thanks to Erin from the Chronicle for taking all these pics. She was not only happy that we all finished, but obviously snap-happy too. Plus she's in great shape 'cause she ran the 5K as well.

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