Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Upcoming 5K

Backstage, or rather, 'side'stage with the Killers at the Austin City Limits Music festival, unrelated to the post.

The upcoming Trail of Lights 5K will be happening next Saturday, December 8th. As much as I have felt guilty to not have worked out enough in between the Saturday AM trainings, I did manage to do a 2 mile jog/walk in about 29 minutes. For the seasoned runner that means diddly squat, but considering that before I could walk 5K in 50 minutes to an hour, that makes me hopeful that I will be below the 50 minutes at least. Hey, it's some form of progress and since I do not really like to run, I'll take anything that will encourage me to hang in there.

Our Club Chronicle group is still going strong even though Ian, who's been fighting lung cancer with chemo, has not always been able to show up at the trainings. We are all rooting for him to show up for the 5K and anyone in the group, especially the walkers, want to push him in the wheelchair over the finishing line.

Voting has begun, but I am not really in this for the grand prize or even the other prices that come with it. I have found an opportunity to promote an idea I have fostered over the last couple of months. It's too long right now for me to write about, I'm not in the mood right now. I worked out this morning, the cobwebs are out of my head and now I feel contemplative, ready to read and think and develop this idea a little further.
Chris (Christine), one of my team mates, offered to volunteer for me and we're going to be hashing out the details later this week.Having taken charge of my health by way of exercising has turned out to be a boost in more than just the physical aspect. More reason for me not to stop after this race.

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