Saturday, October 13, 2007

Using Sport Psychology for learning to run a 5K

Go Team!

One of the reasons I decided to do this blog as an aside to the blog we're supposed to be writing in for the Chronicle is that I'm a blogger and I love writing. Most importantly, with the added tools of links and abilities to post pics etc, blogger just gives you more flexibility. I wanted to delph (sp) into this whole enterprise from different angles PLUS trying to connect with other sports and exercise minded bloggers.

Anyhow, I was thinking about all my team mates' different goals for the upcoming 5K in December. Click HERE to see everyone's video and learn about these goals. So far, we're focussing on the training schedule during the week and the training we do together on Saturdays. However, the feeling I get from almost all of them is that it's more than just about this competition and this upcoming 5K. It's about making a concerted effort to change our current lifestyle. To be physically healthier, to challenge ourselves in a group so we can't wimp out, to mentally refocus from an all consuming illness that's being battled.
What is the common denominator? Motivation perhaps. And then I remembered an old friend in college telling me about sports psychology. So I checked it out.
Click on the title to go to the site and peruse through to see what could help you mentally to strenghten your resolve to keep at it, or to help doing it regardless. To put mental discipline on ourselves for something physical is a whole lot different than what most of us need to do in life. In this technological world, most of the discipline comes from the mind, to learn, to absorb, to recall.

But how about the physical? How much are we used to that kind of discipline? I sure could use some tools for that.
What is your plan for the mental aspect of your challenge?


Granny said...

Hi Ingrid.

Mary said...

That is a good question Ingrid. I can't say I ever had a plan. I do think challenging yourself physically strengthens your mind but what plan I ever had I don't know. Maybe it would help if I had one. Hmmmm.

Mary said...

Oh and the goal link isn't there. I wanted to see those vids.

Mary said...

Okay never mind. I got it.

Ingrid said...

Ann! How good to see you! I've come out of this fog of a cold and still have after effects but at least I slept well/better last night. Usually, if I hadn't time during the week to browse and check out my favourite sites, I do it on the weekend. So I hope (not knowing) that all is well or better with Ray. I'll check in later today with you guys.
Mary, you're right. I forgot the link but then you can understand why. I'll fix it later since I'm still pretty tired and might even nap this afternoon. And I gotta say, I'm not a napper! I had hoped to be able to go for at least a long walk today as I missed yesterday's training but my body's telling me otherwise. I'll catch up this week.
Thanks for stopping by guys!

Cord Courrege said...

Ingrid, thanks for stopping by my blog. I wanted to comment on this post. You raise a good point that many runners and athletes in general have been struggling with for years. There is no sure fire answer that will fit in a box, pill, or drink. I think the answer is relative to the person asking the question.

For me, I need reminders. I need goals. I need to feel the pain of a hill workout and the joy that comes with that suffering. I also need to run with my dog as well as run off the cement trail into the woods where the air is humid and thick and the ground is moist but firm.

For you, it might be this blog and your commitment to sharing with friends, family, and fellow runners like me. Whatever the answer is... it is yours and yours alone. You are a runner. You are an individual. The physical and mental challenges are simply byproducts of this thing you love to do.

Happy Miles,