Friday, October 12, 2007

The Benefits of Exercise..

The hike and bike trail, exercise central especially early saturday mornings.

So.. one of my team mates for this 5K training made mention of not having much motivation for tomorrow mornings' training session.
Our group, consisting out of 11 people picked from 130 hopefulls, has been training for the last couple of weeks getting together at 8am every saturday morning at Auditorium Shores here in Austin. That got me thinking. Generally, everyone knows that exercising is 'good', but how good is it? Well, there are apparently 60 good reasons to do it. Here are a few:

#1...Increased energy
#2...Increased Self-Esteem
#3...Increase Mental Focus
#4...Decreased Risk of a Heart Attack
#5...Decreased Risk of Osteoporosis
#6...Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer by up to 60%
#7...Increased Strength and Stamina
#8...Reduced Depression
#9...Decreased Stress Levels
#10...Well actually, here are another 50 benefits

But that's not all. There are four areas of fitness that need to be addressed. So for us 11 trying to improve our walking/running, we do need to think of the following:
cardiovascular endurance; muscular strength; muscular endurance and flexibility. In order to be fit, we have to cover all four areas. Read the rest HERE.

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